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Rebound™ Cleaner/Enhancer (1 US Gallon)

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Short Description

An effective cleaner and enhancer in one.



• An effective one step cleaner and enhancer.

• May be applied by automatic scrubber or damp-mop.

• Cleans and enhances coating for a brilliant wet-look shine when burnished with UHS burnishers.

Description Water-based cleaner/enhancer  
pH 9.0 (as supplied) DTC 10.5 (as supplied) ASTM E70-07
Slip Resistance Meets requirements UL TM410
Appearance Clear green  
Fragrance Lemon lime  
Drying Time About 15 minutes  
Non-volatile solids 22% ASTM D2834-95 (2008)
Shelf Life 1 year ASTM D1791-93 (2008)
Freeze/Thaw Passes 3 cycles ASTM D3209-93 (2008)
Buffability Excellent  
Density 8.6 lb/gal @ 68°F 1.03 kg/L @ 20°C ASTM D1475-98 (2008)
VOC 0.01% (as supplied), DTC 0.02% (as supplied) (40 CFR Part 59 Subpart D)
Viscosity <10 centipoise (Brookfield) @ 68°F (20°C)


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