Welcome to our vacuum cleaning section!!! As you can appreciate we divide our massive range between domestic and professional cleaning equipment. On our online store we have only professional small cleaning products available to purchase, bigger machines like buying a car or piece of fleet require a lot of product knowledge and we offer this service free of charge to make sure you get the correct machine for your fleet. Please click the image above to view our online showroom. 

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  • PACVAC SuperPro 700 - Battery Vacuum Cleaner

    RECOMMENDED USE Stairs, lifts, transportation vehicles (trains, planes and buses) and daytime cleaning.

    Regular Price: €1,400.00

    Special Price €1,200.00

  • Makita 18V Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

    The Makita 18V BackPack Vacuum.
  • PACVAC SuperPro 700 - Electric

    Sale PACVAC SuperPro 700 - Electric

    The PACVAC is available in both an electric and battery model. Price displayed is for electical PACVAC only. For further details or pricing of PACVAC SuperPro 700 battery, please contact us directly.


    Regular Price: €360.00

    Special Price €280.00

  • Tornado T90 Wet / Dry Vacuum

    Hard working, high performing industrial standard, wet and dry vacuum cleaner.
  • Tornado T60 Wet / Dry Vacuum

    Tornado T60 Industrial quality, high performing, wet and dry vacuum cleaner.
  • Tornado T30 Wet / Dry Vacuum

    The T-30 is a hard, working high performance, heavy duty vacuum cleaner. With a 30 litre capacity for liquid or debris. The T-30 is the ideal vacuum for small businesses.
  • IPC LP 1/12 Eco Vacuum Cleaner

    LP 1/12 is a professional dry use vacuum cleaner, specifically designed with a durable and reliable structure to enable a long-term life span.
  • HEPA Filtered Victor V9 Tub Vacuum Cleaner

    Sale HEPA Filtered Victor V9 Tub Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filtered Victor V9 Tub Vacuum Cleaner
    Light & manoeuvrable weighing only 6 kg with 5 wheels for extra mobility and sturdiness.

    Regular Price: €140.00

    Special Price €110.00

  • Comac CA Wet and Dry Vacuum

    Comac Cleaning Machines - Vacuum cleaners for both small and large offices. 30 - 100 litre versions available.
  • IVAC C6

    The IVAC 6 is ideal for professional use. Users of the I-VAC have found that the innovative design significantly reduces workplace damage as a result of several new fantastic features including patented Whizzosystem which whistles when the bag needs to be changed. Simple maintenance design allows the power cable to be easily changed and only 4 screws & 2 minutes will replace a motor.
  • IPC YP 1/6 Eco Vacuum Cleaner

    The IPC Vacuum is ideal for use in office spaces, retail outlets, educational buildings and more.

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