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  • Dulevo 900

    Dulevo's Sprint 900 is a reliable valued-pack professional walk-behind sweeper.
  • Dulevo 700

    The Dulevo 700 is a reliable valued-pack professional walk-behind sweeper.
  • Motor Scrubber ProWash Kit

    MotorScrubber ProWash is the only high level portable scrubbing and rinsing machine on the market. The ProWash is designed to clean exterior surfaces with less manual labor
  • Dulevo 52

    Its convenient size means that it can be used in small and hard to reach areas and busy public places such as parks and shopping centres. It is also suitable for use in industrial environments like factories and warehouses.
  • C130 BS

    The C130 is a powerful ride-on scrubbing machine, designed for cleaning large spaces in environments such as airports, railway stations, car parks, logistics centres and warehouses, as well as in industrial facilities and shopping centres.
  • Ultra 120 B

    Suitable for maintenance and heavy-duty cleaning of surfaces up to 20,000 sq.m.
  • Dulevo 1300

    If you have a problem of dust, Dulevo 1300 industrial sweeper is more than a solution.
  • Dulevo 1100

    Dulevo 1100 provides convenient sweeping, backed by incredible design and hydraulic systems.
  • Optima 85 B

    New Optima 85 B
    Comfort and complete control over the machine ensured by the operator position and easy controls, enhance the results during the operations. The big tanks capacity increases working autonomy while quiet operations allow to perform also in daytime without disturbing the people around: such features guarantee great efficiency and productivity. This Comac Cleaning Machine comes with optional accessories to incease performances: such as the double vacuum motor of 36 V or a wider squeegee of 1315 mm.
  • Dulevo 1000 Spark

    The rider sweeper Dulevo 1000 Spark guarantees productivity and performance either outdoor or indoors.
  • Innova 65 BT

    Innova 65 BT is the highly user-friendly scrubbing machine suitable for maintenance cleaning of surfaces up to 6000 sq. m, which allows a dramatic reduction in the cost of cleaning.
  • Santoemma Elite Silent

    Elite-Silent is a self-contained extractor for carpet and hard floor with manual traction.

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Items 1 to 12 of 36 total

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