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  • PACVAC SuperPro 700 - Battery Vacuum Cleaner

    RECOMMENDED USE Stairs, lifts, transportation vehicles (trains, planes and buses) and daytime cleaning.

    Regular Price: €1,400.00

    Special Price €1,200.00

  • Makita 18V Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

    The Makita 18V BackPack Vacuum.
  • PACVAC SuperPro 700 - Electric

    Sale PACVAC SuperPro 700 - Electric

    The PACVAC is available in both an electric and battery model. Price displayed is for electical PACVAC only. For further details or pricing of PACVAC SuperPro 700 battery, please contact us directly.


    Regular Price: €360.00

    Special Price €280.00

  • Tornado T60 Wet / Dry Vacuum

    Tornado T60 Industrial quality, high performing, wet and dry vacuum cleaner.
  • Dulevo 700

    The Dulevo 700 is a reliable valued-pack professional walk-behind sweeper.
  • Klindex MiniPower

    Minipower is an innovative little machine with a big performance!
  • Comac CA Wet and Dry Vacuum

    Comac Cleaning Machines - Vacuum cleaners for both small and large offices. 30 - 100 litre versions available.
  • Klindex Levighetor 640

    Klindex Levighetor 640 is the most famous grinding-polishing machine in the world.
  • Truvox Multiwash - Escalator Cleaner

    The Multiwash scrubber dryer is a multi-purpose quick and effective floor cleaning machines that wash, mop, scrub and dry on both hard and soft floor coverings in one single pass.
  • Truvox Orbis UHS Cordless Burnisher

    Truvox Battery powered, ultra high speed rotary cordless burnisher designed for daytime cleaning, when customers, staff or patients are present.
  • Dulevo 700 M Srint

    The walk-behind manual sweeper is the perfect machine for cleaning wet and dry leaves, stones, glass, cigarette stubs, paper, empty cans and fine dirt and can be used on any surface from concrete, asphalt, compound stones and floor tiles.

  • Dulevo 900

    Dulevo's Sprint 900 is a reliable valued-pack professional walk-behind sweeper.

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