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  • Truvox Hydromist 10/20

    Compact spray extractors for effective carpet cleaning.
  • Victor Lynx 17 Ultra Speed Rotary

    The Lynx operates at 1080 rpm to give excellent productivity in spray cleaning or burnishing and a superior finish on the floor.
  • Victor Europa 400 Range

    The Victor Europa super high speed for polishing and spray cleaning, provides excellent mark removal capability and polishing performance, together with the opportunity to fit vacuumation if necessary.
  • Victor Europa 450

    The Victor Europa provides excellent mark removal capability when scrubbing using the standard speed.
  • Truvox Orbis Compact

    The Orbis Compact single disc rotary machine has a high brush pressure for effective cleaning yet only weighs 22 kg. This lightweight machine, combined with a low profile, gives this Orbis Compact stability plus unrivalled performance.

    Regular Price: €1,199.00

    Special Price €795.00

  • IVAC C6

    New IVAC C6 IVAC C6
    The IVAC 6 is ideal for professional use. Users of the I-VAC have found that the innovative design significantly reduces workplace damage as a result of several new fantastic features including patented Whizzosystem which whistles when the bag needs to be changed. Simple maintenance design allows the power cable to be easily changed and only 4 screws & 2 minutes will replace a motor.
  • Jet Steam Professional

    3000w Continuous Flow
  • Dulevo 700 M Srint

    The walk-behind manual sweeper is the perfect machine for cleaning wet and dry leaves, stones, glass, cigarette stubs, paper, empty cans and fine dirt and can be used on any surface from concrete, asphalt, compound stones and floor tiles.

  • Truvox TruSweep 460

    A manual sweeper that is perfect for small warehouses, pavements and parking areas where power is not easily accessible or a powered sweeper is not affordable
  • Victor Contractor 400 Range

    The Contractor 400 Range rotary machines offer unrivaled value and performance across a range of hardfloor cleaning tasks including scrubbing, buffing, spray cleaning and bonnet mopping.
  • Truvox Air Mover

    The Truvox Air Mover produces airflow of 2600 m³/h to make drying floors of any type or size quick and easy.
  • Prochem Aqua-Dri Air Mover


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