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  • nLite ® Jets

    Interchangeable, quick release Jets for nLite ® Brushes.
  • nLite ® Brush Connection Kit

    Connects two jets to the brush.
  • HiFlo Radius Brush

    Soft, with flagged or hard, with unflagged polyester bristles. – Curved body – Ideal for sills, corners and frames – Complete with hose connection
  • HydroPower DI Filter

    HydroPower DI FILTER.
  • HydroPower DI Starter Kit

    Content: DI12T - HydroPower® DI Filter GF25T - nLite One GLass Fibre Telescopic Pole NL20G - nLite Hose, 20 m NLR27 - nLite Radius Brush, 27cm FTGOS - HiFlo MultiLink Adapter TMOOV - HiFlo Control complete with nLite Clips + Velcro Straps
  • HydroPower DI Advanced Kit

    Content: DI24W - HydroPower® DI Filter, 12 L. Includes TDS Meter, Resin, Wheels GF60G - nLite Glass Fibre Master Pole, 4 sections, 6 m (20 ft) NL20G - nLite Hose, 20 m (65 ft) NLR27 - nLite Radius Brush, 27 cm FTGOS - HiFlo MultiLink Adapter
  • HydroPower DI Professional Kit

    Content: DI48C - HydroPower® DI Filter, 24 L. Includes TDS Meter, Resin, Cart. CT67G - nLite Carbon Fibre Master Pole, 6.63 m (22 ft) CT35G - nLite Carbon Fibre Extension Pole, 3.41 m (11 ft) NL25G - nLite Hose, 25 m (82 ft) NLR27 - nLite Radius Brush, 27 cm NLG20 - nLite Gooseneck, 20 cm
  • Unger QuickChange Resin Bags

    Enables a rapid and easy resin replacement right on spot where the cleaning is done Available in bucket and bag.
  • Premium Grade Virgin Mixed Bed Resin

    The resin is only suitable for the purpose of cleaning windows, facades, floors, glass or similar surfaces. Functional safety is not ensured for use in other areas. Unger shall assume no liability for any potential consequential damages.
  • nLite ® Hose

    Durable hose for water supply from water filter to the Brush.
  • HiFlo Control

    The On/Off Switch for instant water flow control at the pole. – Fits onto the base sections of the pole – Hose fits inside the switch, under the lever – Adjust or shut off the water flow competely with one quick lever motion – Fits any poles Ø 20–70mm – Fits hoses external Ø 8 and 9mm
  • nLite ® Tool Adapter

    Plastic adapter for attaching tools on nLite ®.

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Items 13 to 24 of 280 total

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