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  • HiFlo Control

    The On/Off Switch for instant water flow control at the pole. – Fits onto the base sections of the pole – Hose fits inside the switch, under the lever – Adjust or shut off the water flow competely with one quick lever motion – Fits any poles Ø 20–70mm – Fits hoses external Ø 8 and 9mm
  • Unger Accessories for 28 Litre Bucket

    Unger Accessories for 28L Bucket
  • SmartColor Flat Mop Mopholder

    Swivel head mop holder with the new "no spin" design.
  • SmartColor Micro Mop 15.0

    Durable microfibre mop, ideal for tiles and stone floors with grout lines.
  • Sanitary Squeegee

    Squeegee with double blade foam rubber blade, black. ACME thread.
  • WonderWaxer

    Complete wax applicator with 1.40 m handle. – For applying wax to wooden floors – Convenient operation while standing – Swivel head, replaceable sleeve with snap fasteners
  • Unger Pro Squeegee Rubber

    10 rubbers per bag. Professional quality.
  • Rub Out

    Professional glass cleaner. Compact bottle with easy dispense cap.
  • SmartColor Damp Mop Pad

    Microfibre pad with high density looped pile for streak free results.
  • SmartColor Micro Mop 7.0

    Microfibre mop, ideal for vinyl or sealed floors without grout lines.
  • Sanitary Combi Brush

    2 tools in one: Brush with polypropylene bristles and squeegee with double blade, foam rubber blade, black. ACME thread.
  • Premium Grade Virgin Mixed Bed Resin

    The resin is only suitable for the purpose of cleaning windows, facades, floors, glass or similar surfaces. Functional safety is not ensured for use in other areas. Unger shall assume no liability for any potential consequential damages.

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Items 1 to 12 of 17 total

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