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  • PACVAC SuperPro 700 - Battery Vacuum Cleaner

    RECOMMENDED USE Stairs, lifts, transportation vehicles (trains, planes and buses) and daytime cleaning.

    Regular Price: €1,400.00

    Special Price €1,200.00

  • Truvox Hydromist 10/20

    Compact spray extractors for effective carpet cleaning.
  • Motor Scrubber JET Kit

    New Motor Scrubber JET Kit

    The MotorScrubber Jet with integrated chemical injection gives you an incredible deep clean up to 3m / 10ft high. Boasting all the features of the MS2000 with added spray function removes the need for a separate bucket with chemical.

  • HydroPower DI Professional Kit

    Content: DI48C - HydroPower® DI Filter, 24 L. Includes TDS Meter, Resin, Cart. CT67G - nLite Carbon Fibre Master Pole, 6.63 m (22 ft) CT35G - nLite Carbon Fibre Extension Pole, 3.41 m (11 ft) NL25G - nLite Hose, 25 m (82 ft) NLR27 - nLite Radius Brush, 27 cm NLG20 - nLite Gooseneck, 20 cm
  • Jet Steam Professional

    3000w Continuous Flow
  • Tornado x46

    Vacuum brush system for escalator cleaning.
  • Hydromist Compact

    14 litre all-in-one carpet extraction
  • SteamCare Steam & Vac Eco

    The SteamCare range entry level machine combines steam & vacuum to clean & sanitise yet leaves surfaces touch dry.
  • Victor V9 Battery Hepa Dry Tub

    The V-9B Battery Tub Vacuum features HEPA filtration and a 9-litre capacity.
  • i-land XXL

    For long days, huge buildings and on-site projects, you are going to need a work station that holds all of your equipment. That’s why we created the i-land. An all-in-one solution, which makes sure you have everything you need in one accessible and convenient supporter. No more unproductive traveling time!
  • Victor Lynx 17 Ultra Speed Rotary

    The Lynx operates at 1080 rpm to give excellent productivity in spray cleaning or burnishing and a superior finish on the floor.
  • Victor Europa 450

    The Victor Europa provides excellent mark removal capability when scrubbing using the standard speed.

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