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  • HiFlo Control

    The On/Off Switch for instant water flow control at the pole. – Fits onto the base sections of the pole – Hose fits inside the switch, under the lever – Adjust or shut off the water flow competely with one quick lever motion – Fits any poles Ø 20–70mm – Fits hoses external Ø 8 and 9mm
  • Unger Accessories for 28 Litre Bucket

    Unger Accessories for 28L Bucket
  • SmartColor Flat Mop Mopholder

    Swivel head mop holder with the new "no spin" design.
  • Comac CA100 Vacuum Cleaner

    The CA100 are suitable for vacuuming medium-to-large areas.
  • SmartColor Micro Mop 15.0

    Durable microfibre mop, ideal for tiles and stone floors with grout lines.
  • Comac CA30 Vacuum Cleaner

    Vacuum cleaners suitable for cleaning small environments such as offices, laboratories and small mechanical workshops.
  • Sanitary Squeegee

    Squeegee with double blade foam rubber blade, black. ACME thread.
  • C130 BS

    The C130 is a powerful ride-on scrubbing machine, designed for cleaning large spaces in environments such as airports, railway stations, car parks, logistics centres and warehouses, as well as in industrial facilities and shopping centres.
  • WonderWaxer

    Complete wax applicator with 1.40 m handle. – For applying wax to wooden floors – Convenient operation while standing – Swivel head, replaceable sleeve with snap fasteners
  • Innova 100 BT

    Innova is the highly user-friendly scrubbing machine suitable for maintenance cleaning of surfaces up to 6000 sq. m, which allows a dramatic reduction in the cost of cleaning.
  • Truvox Replacement Cable

    Replacement Vacuum Cable.
  • Innova 55 BT

    Innova 55 BT ride on scrubbing machine

Set Descending Direction

Items 1 to 12 of 58 total

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