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  • i-scrub 21B

    Double disc action with the flexibility to even scrub areas in a vertical position. Equipped with an adjustable head & 360° of free-range motion. With a powerful engine that achieves 400 RPM using two discs, it’s a brilliant machine that allows the user to scrub any surface with extreme power.
  • i-scrub 30EM Pro B (Cord or cordless)

    Single-disc scrubbing has never been easier. Advanced orbital technology is based on 1650 RPM which simulated an orbital movement with no sideforces, so everybody can operate it without training.
  • i-vac 30UR

    Vacuuming on another level. Years of innovation and development have perfected the i-vac series, and the 30UR series is the culmination of feedback from the cleaning industry. The ergonomic handle, inspection door for blockages, soft rear castors with ball bearing, the equipment tag and the Whizzo indicator, complete this beautiful machine.
  • i-vac 9B

    A well trusted name in the community, the i-vac 9B has surprised every user with it’s proven mobility, design and power. The i-power 14 batteries powering the engine guarantee a longer run time than other cordless machines!
  • i-vac 5

    The i-vac 5 is a powerhouse machine that gets the job done. A well trusted name in the community, the i-vac 5 has surprised every user with its proven mobility, design and power. The i-vac 5 is used for office, carpet, household, cabinet, wardrobes, and more cleaning. Battery powered machines are also available!
  • i-vac 4B move

    Don’t let your vacuum cleaner cord restrict you. Carry the lightweight and cordless i-vac 4B Move on your back. Allowing you to move with maximum mobility and work efficiently.
  • Dulevo D.zero²

    The Dulevo D.zero² 100% electric street sweeper has been created to comply with four fundamental characteristics that constitute its design philosophy and that make it a unique product within the sector.
  • Dulevo 52

    Its convenient size means that it can be used in small and hard to reach areas and busy public places such as parks and shopping centres. It is also suitable for use in industrial environments like factories and warehouses.
  • Dulevo 74

    The new Dulevo sweeper is a compact-sized machine containing all the technology of larger machines used in heavy industry.
  • Haaga 697 Profi Plus Sweeper

    New Haaga 697 Profi Plus Sweeper
    Haaga sweepers are characterized by a very easy handling and high quality. With the unique disc brush system dirt is not simply pushed in front of the sweeper but directly into the dirt container. The turbo sweeping system with an additional brush picks up dirt twice.
  • IVAC C6

    The IVAC 6 is ideal for professional use. Users of the I-VAC have found that the innovative design significantly reduces workplace damage as a result of several new fantastic features including patented Whizzosystem which whistles when the bag needs to be changed. Simple maintenance design allows the power cable to be easily changed and only 4 screws & 2 minutes will replace a motor.
  • Motor Scrubber ProWash Kit

    MotorScrubber ProWash is the only high level portable scrubbing and rinsing machine on the market. The ProWash is designed to clean exterior surfaces with less manual labor

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Items 1 to 12 of 174 total

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