PACVAC SuperPro 700 - Electric

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The PACVAC is available in both an electric and battery model. Price displayed is for electical PACVAC only. For further details or pricing of PACVAC SuperPro 700 battery, please contact us dire...



Independent results have proven that PACVAC back-pack vacuum cleaners have a much higher efficiency level than both upright and canister vacuum cleaners. Designed with a unique filtration system to remove maximum dust particles whilst maintaining suction power - for a faster, cleaner end result. Pacvac’s SuperPro 700 commercial backpack vacuum cleaners are the global cleaning industry’s number one choice for high performance products. Enhanced by world class ergonomic harness, these lightweight backpacks are designed to fit all body shapes providing optimal comfort. All models feature high level filtration and, when coupled with Pacvac’s unique airflow systems, deliver ultimate suction performance.


Offices, retail (store outlets, supermarkets), car dealerships, stadiums, theatres, education facilities and public buildings (civic centres, museums, galleries). The results clearly show that the backpack vacuum cleaner has a much higher efficiency level - that saves you time & labour costs, when compared to canister or upright vacuum cleaners.

Technical Data

Motor 1000W two stage flow –trough 400W single stage flow-through 24DC
Noise Level at 1.5m 67dB(A) 63dB(A)
Filtration 4 Stage HEPA filter 4 Stage HEPA filter
Volumetric Airflow (per sec) 38 Litres 27Litres
Capacity 5 Litres 5 Litres
Weight 5.2kg (ex power cord assembly and
6.3kg ( with battery pack ex hose
Power Cord 18 Metre N/A



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