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In recent years it has become increasingly important within commercial cleaning to find new ways of increasing efficiency and lowering labour costs.


The concept of the “PacVac” was first introduced in Australia over 30 years ago. The PacVac was a huge success resulting in reduced labour costs and higher profits.

The PacVac is most popular in small confined spaces such as the theatre isles or transport; it is equally popular in locations that are open to the public at all times i.e. hotels


Today the PacVac – SuperPro 700 Series is the world leader in backpack vacuum cleaner design.

Statistics show that vacuuming with a back pack is the most efficient way to clean.

The SuperPro 700 Series saves you time and money.


When it comes to the world’s most efficient vacuum cleaner, Pacvac’s SuperPro 700 has the measure on all other vacuum cleaners. Independent testing by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA – “The Official ISSA 540 Cleaning Times”) tested how long it took the different types of vacuum cleaners to clean 1,000 square feet (93 square metres). The statistics from the test are as follows:

Carpet Surface Vacuumed with:Square MetresMinutesSquare M/Hr
12” Upright Vacuum Cleaner9326.80208
Tank Type/Canister Vacuum& 12” Carpet Tool9324.00232
Back Pack Vacuum& 12” Carpet Tool938.25675




The results are clear. Back pack vacuum cleaners have a much higher efficiency level, saving you time and money.



Their performance is also matched by their comfort. The SuperPro 700 Series is fitted with a world standard ergonomically designed harness; HEPA rated Hypercone™ filtration and provides cleaners with an effortless and healthy cleaning experience.


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