The Truvox Multiwash has been named the ideal cleaning solution for Rolls-Royce Edinburgh. After a recent refurbishment of their retail showroom the management found it difficult to keep the new limestone floors clean.


Being a high traffic area the showroom floors would become soiled during the course of the day. The conventional mop and bucket struggled to remove the dirt that gathered in the floors grouting. As a Rolls-Royce showroom management and customers alike, have a very high expectation when it comes to the standard of cleanliness.


The solution? A Truvox Multiwash Scrubber Dryer:


The extra pressure exerted by the Multiwash contra-rotating cylindrical brushes makes it the best solution for the problem of grime in the grouting of tiled floors. The bristles safely but firmly brush floor tiles and grout lines to loosen and remove soils. Because these brushes are so effective, the Multiwash uses approximately 30 percent less water – which in turn means less chemical usage: Making the Multiwash a safe and easy cleaning solution for the environment and the cleaning operative.

Moreover the use of less water means quicker floor drying times, making the machine perfect for busy retail spaces or showrooms.


The Truvox Multiwash comes with a 4 litre solution tank and optional spray pump which allows the operator extra cleaning power in heavily soiled or difficult to clean areas.


The Truvox Multiwash is also one of the smallest and lightest scrubber dryers available on the market. Therefore the machine can be easily maneuvered to go down stairs which are frequently found in retail spaces.