Choosing the ideal cleaning machine for medium and large scale retail outlets can be a real challenge.

Comac has listened to these challenges and responded with the introduction of the new Versa 55 BT and 65 BT.

The Versa walk- behind scrubber dryer is a very productive cleaning machine. It is compact in design and therefore easy to manoeuvre in restricted or obstructed spaces.

In fact the Versa has a number of features that make it ideally suited to retail cleaning.

It has two disc brushes and a working width of either 55 cm or 65 cm.

It has a powerful vacuum motor that leaves the floor perfectly dry and safe to walk on immediately after cleaning. As a result the Versa can be used immediately before your store opens and during business operating hours without interfering with your customer journey. The Versa can be used to maintain hygiene standards throughout the day and during busy shopping times to ensure your customers have a clean and enjoyable shopping experience.

Moreover it reduces the requirement for expensive cleaning schedules conducted outside usual business hours.

In addition to these great features the Versa also includes the following as standard: the all new self-levelling splash guards that adapt automatically to brush wear and keep any splashes of water inside, preventing small solid residues or non-soluble dust particles from getting into the machine.

As an add on the Versa can also be equipped with the all new pressure monitoring system (PM) to control the power dispensed by the brush motors and ensure maximum cleaning results regardless of floor type.


It may also be equipped with the Comac Dosing System (CDS), which offers separate water and detergent management in order to regulate the amount of each needed to optimise cleaning operations even further.

The CDS allows the flow of detergent solution to be temporarily increased to tackle intensely dirty conditions, and then restored to normal levels when regular maintenance cleaning operations resume.


This feature in particular is highly sought after in retail environments such as supermarkets or warehouses where certain locations can become heavily soiled due to heavy traffic and or product spillages.