Cleanliness and hygiene are of the utmost importance in business today; particularly in such sectors as, healthcare, catering, accommodation and education.

The cleanliness of these premises is often associated with the quality of service and indeed customer decision making.


In the accommodation and restaurant industry for example approximately 43% of customers would not return should they feel that hygiene standards were inadequate (Survey of 15,000 persons). Thus it is evident that in order to retain a loyal customer base and indeed your reputation, superior cleaning standards are of the highest importance.


At Chemical Direct we understand the challenges of keeping your business clean, particularly in high traffic businesses such as those mentioned above. That is why we stock only the best of janitorial equipment, cleaning chemicals and janitorial supplies.


A product that we have found to offer outstanding hygiene and cleanliness at a highly competitive price is the Comac Innova Scrubber Drier.

In particular, the Innova 65B is an extraordinary piece of professional hygiene technology, easy to use and suitable for cleaning surfaces of up to 6,000 m². This cleaning machine has been conceived to cut floor cleaning costs per square meter, compared to walk-behind scrubbing machines.


The Innova 65B is designed to optimise power consumption and minimise solution usage.  These machines can work for up to 4 hours at a time without stoppage and because of its compact size this scrubber drier can be used to pass through conventional doorway and lifts of any size.


The Innova range from Comac one of the most competitively priced. But it does not stop there it also cuts cleaning costs via a unique solution system that reduces waste and consumption.


The Innova range comes in a manual version where brush heads and squeegees are operated via two independent, easy to use levers. An automatic version is also available complete with a working program selector which allows the operator to quickly select the desired cleaning process.


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