The Concept of the 850 Mini is an excellent synergy of compact design and superlative sweeping efficiency. The 850 Mini has a surprisingly large waste hopper capacity despite being the smallest road sweeper of its class.  It is the ideal solution for cleaning areas beyond the reach of more traditional street sweepers. The 850 mini is the perfect cleaning machine for pavements, cycle lanes, outdoor platforms, highly pedestrianized areas; narrow lanes, public areas such as parks, city centre streets and car-parks.

It has a sweeping width of up to 2080 mm and a path scrubbing width of up to 1600mm. The compact size of this industrial road sweeper offers drivers easy manoeuvrability with maximum sweeping capacity.  This is achieved via an articulated body, independent suspension and a low centre of gravity which allow the machine to travel at speeds of up to 30 km/h.

The brush speed is also adjustable as is their reach which may be increased by up to 30cm outside of the unit. The 850 Mini also comes with and an extended 5m suction hose that can collect debris beyond the normal reach of the machine.

The 850 Mini is a suction sweeper designed specifically to collect debris of varying sizes without losing suction power. This is achieved through the use of a suction pipe without bends or kinks thus reducing the risk of clogging.

The Dulevo 850 Mini is both efficient and environmentally friendly. It has a reduced tank size of 200 litres and a recycling system that minimises the volume of water required to collect maximum debris. Debris collected by the 850 Mini is therefore dry; minimising de-watering tasks and black water waste.

The 850 Mini is practically silent while in operation due to its 4-cylinder Kubota engine and sweeping system. It complies with even the strictest of emission policies and ensures environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

The exclusive central articulated joint system within the Dulevo 850 Mini means it maintains its position when fully loaded or travelling along steep gradients and uneven surfaces, thus ensuring extremely high levels of safety for the operator.

Moreover the comfortable, air –conditioned drivers cabin with extra wide glass panels and a central driver seat for optimal, surround view – not forgetting the reverse camera connected to a full colour screen in the driver cabin, next to a acoustic warning beeper for safe reversing.