With a dedicated focus in the backpack vacuum industry for over 37 years: Pacvac have created a  proven design, using a unique filtration system that removes maximum dust particles, while maintaining suction power – to deliver a faster, cleaner end result.


The PacVac has been carefully designed to provide a cleaning solution that suits all environments. It  is a simple cleaning solution with cost effective servicing, so you can be assured of minimal ongoing maintenance costs.



Why Chose a PACVAC

Independent results have proven that PACVAC back-pack vacuum cleaners have a much higher efficiency level than both upright and canister vacuum cleaners.

The official ISSA Cleaning times, testedd how long it took for different types of vacuum cleaners to clean 1,000 square feet. The statistics from the test are as follows:




These independent results clearly prove that the backpack vacuum cleaner has a much higher efficiency level – saving you time & labour costs when compared to canister or upright vacuum cleaners.




The PACVAC has a cleaver design and a number of features that make it not only quicker but more comfortable for the user and healthier too.

The offset inlet creates cyclonic effect ensuring maximum suction power. Complete with a clear lid – making it easy for the operator to see when it’s time to empty the bag. While its world standard ergonomic “body-moulded” frame and adjustable harness increase operator comfort and anatomically correct posture.


But that’s not all the PACVAC is the ultimate piece of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment with a super strong cord restraint that prevents disconnections and provides operator protection, premium motors – ensuring maximum suction power and durability.


It is also the the only vacuum in the market that filt maintains suction as the dust bag fills. This is due to it’s uniquely shaped Hypercone™ HEPA filter



Go Further With PACVAC

The PacVac is available now from Chemical Direct – your reliable supplier for janitorial cleaning equipment in Ireland and exclusive PACVAC dealer.  We are currently stoking both battery and cable versions of the PacVac to suit all your requirements

For more information about PacVac, talk to Chemical Direct today – your one stop shop for janitorial cleaning supplies