Big Things Come in Small Packages Meet the Prochem Galaxy, Carpet Machine

It is easy to understand why the Prochem Galaxy is a very popular carpet machine. It combines characteristics from several different types of carpet cleaning machines yet delivers them from the practical and compact size that the Galaxy is known for. The Galaxy is a lightweight and relatively small machine but does not lack in performance with a 120psi pump and a three-stage vacuum ensuring the best possible results are achieved every time without fail. The Prochem Galaxy machine can be used on carpets and also upholstery which means it has the flexibility to carry out different types of cleaning; it is ideal for spotting, car valeting and of course commercial carpet cleaning. It is not restricted to one specific form of cleaning and is attractive because of its versatility and the robust nature of the clever design. The Galaxy is suited to many different environments such as schools, valeting or personal use. The Galaxy is a carpet machine that has the ability to provide professional results but can also be used in a non-professional capacity in the home or elsewhere. This is a result of the straightforward, user-friendly design that is easy to get to familiar with in no time at all! For areas where there is a high volume of pedestrian traffic, the Galaxy is useful in keeping the carpets clean intermittently if a full deep clean is not possible at the time. As with any carpet cleaning operation, debris should be cleared from the area of work beforehand to ensure that the machine can perform to its full capabilities and that the desired results are achieved. The Galaxy is equipped with an 18L solution tank and a 12L recovery tank which means this hardy little machine can tackle a good deal of work before it is necessary to refill and empty the tanks. Looks can be deceiving and this certainly rings true with the Prochem Galaxy – a carpet cleaning machine that packs a mighty punch for its size and offers high-quality cleaning results all in a neat, compact package.