Once again in 2015, compact made an impact with new projects and the introduction of new products. Most notable is the latest generation of scrubbing machines that have been developed to create an innovative machine that combines a scrubbing machine with a sweeping machine in a single solution.

However it has been a remarkable year all round for Comac let’s do a quick recap:


New selection, sleek new design

Comac has proposed two new walk-behind scrubbing machines: Antea and Versa. Devised with the aim of combining high performances with simple and flexible use, they are the result of a new project and because of this also have a totally new styling.


These two models will respond to the needs of a very important portion in the cleaning market: That is customers who require machines with a working width of between 45 and 65 cm, with solutions that increase reliability and improve the operator’s interaction with the machine.

To achieve this Comac have used a pressure die-cast aluminium frame and squeegee mount that guarantees sturdiness and solidity over time as well as easy handling due to their very lightweight material.

The instrument panels are designed to facilitate machine use, following a simple and therefore intuitive design.

Though these cleaning machines are similar in appearance and in characteristics, they differ in size – the Antea is the smaller of the two and should be used in small or tight spaced working environments, while Versa offers larger working widths.
The Antea can between 45 and 50cm with the option for the 50 cm model of a traction version. The Versa offers versions with 50, 55 and 65 cm working widths, and higher performances and operating ranges than Antea, since all the models are traction versions and have larger tanks, 50 litres for Versa and 35 for Antea.


Is history to repeat itself?
Remaining on the subject of scrubbing machines, but looking towards larger machines Comac has proposed an updated version of a historical model, which since it was launched has always continued to be one of the most popular. Have you guessed which machine we are referring to? That’s right it’s the Comac C130.

This all new design, in addition to the updating of the machine has made it possible to simplify all areas involving the operator, thus making it more comfortable and practical to use.

This beautiful design is enhanced further with touchscreen scrubbing functions meaning the ignition key, emergency button and working program selector around the driving wheel – for a more intuitive use without distractions during use. This new model brings the C130 into line with the latest Comac products created by the company to offer high performance and ease of use.

The future is almost here.

It seems that Comac has big plans for another project where they will set a great score – this model is to combine the performance of a scrubbing machine with that of a sweeping machine. It will be a single solution for large industrial areas developed in both a diesel or a bi-fuel version, offering a long operating range due to two large tanks and a capacious hopper. In this case too, much care has been devoted to the comfort of the operator, with a spacious cab and touchscreen controls. This machine has been prototyped with the CSL120 with a working width of 120 cm, it can sweep and scrub surfaces of over 10,000 sq.m. in just one phase.

In the creation of this new machine – Comac’s concern for the environment are evident from the new eco-proposal to reduce water consumption. It  proposes a water recycling system for its scrubbing machines to reduce consumption, optimising use. This system has been cleverly named “non-stop cleaning”. It comprises of three phases: in the first, the water is used normally and collected by vacuuming; in the second phase, the water is filtered and purified by the third stage. The water is therefore available for use again, completing the cycle.