Comac is a truly innovative floor machine manufacturer with over 40 years’ industry experience. Their cleaning equipment is second to none as Comac is constantly looking for new ways to improve their machine’s power, efficiency and safety.

Comac floor machines come with a wide selection of customisations that ensure your machine is perfect for your cleaning environment.

Scrubbing machines

Typically Comac machines can be segregated by the following sectors:


Industrial Floors are no doubt subject to some of the most difficult dirt conditions. That is why at Comac they have specially designed their machines with excellent washing and suction capabilities.

Comac scrubbing and sweeping machines are complete with a range of features that allow it to resolve any dirt conditions.

Comac scrubbing machines allow the operator to regulate brush pressure to obtain greater washing power to remove even the most stubborn of dirt.

The cylindrical brush system (sweeper-washers) ensures that even the smallest of debris is removed from floors. Whilst some of Comac’s larger machines are fitter with powerful suction motors for optimal drying results. These machines are ideal for large surfaces where cleaning without washing may be required.



The food industry is a place where the Comac brand has become well known.

This is because in recent years the cost of cleaning personnel for food companies was crippling. However, with Comac’s modern technology food companies can drastically reduce labour costs whilst maintaining quality cleaning and hygiene standards.

All of Comac’s machines are designed with a simple user interface, which means non-specialist cleaners can use these machines with just a little guidance from their supplier. Moreover these clever systems are designed with hydraulic circuits to assist cleaning personnel to reduce water and solution waste compared with previous models. The Comac Dosing System or CDS as it is called reduces the number of reload times during cleaning procedures by reducing the amount of water and detergent used.

Moreover the all new water tanks found in the ultra-models means that machines can be filled up quickly via the coupling pipe. This can be done without the presence of the operator with saves you time and money.

Further savings can be made as a result of the all new squeegee system- the operator no longer needs to spend time cleaning these machines at the end of the day because of the  rotating horizontal position of the rubbers.

Comac now provides a range of smaller but equally powerful scrubber and sweeping machines – saving you storage space.



Within the health sector there are numerous rules and regulations that cleaning machinery and cleaning products must meet.

For example hospitals require silent operating systems to ensure no disturbance is caused to patients during daytime cleaning procedures.

They also require cleaning machines that are versatile – which can be used on various floor types throughout the hospital. For example corridors, reception, waiting rooms, kitchens etc. These machines must be easy to clean, sanitise and store on completion of work. They must have low emissions and electromagnetic wave to ensure operator safety and they must guarantee cleanliness and hygiene.

It is most definitely a key selling point that Comac has the flexibility to meet all of these requirements.

Comac recently created a new-generation of mid-sized scrubbing machines that operate in accordance to all of the above – these come in a choice of walk behind (Simpla) or ride on ( Innova) models.



Public places are one of the most difficult to maintain – these environments are subject to heavy traffic, and various types of dirt however a clean appearance is vital.

Again this is something that Comac had identified and considered in the making of their scrubbing machines. They have spent many years creating their machine to suit smaller environments whilst improving their already established (bigger) machines.

This challenge was finally met with the introduction of the Vispa 36 – Comac now provides suitable cleaning machines for public environments with both small and large surfaces.

The introduction of such cleaning machines has significantly reduced cleaning times within the public space as operatives no longer need to carry out manual floor cleaning processes.

Once more the dirt which would normally take some time to manually remove can now be easily scrubbed away without a trace.

Comac also provides comprehensive machinery with huge advantages for the following sectors:

  • Food
  • Automotive
  • Horeca
  • Tourism
  • Well-being & Sports
  • Handicraft

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