Comac Aneta: Everything you could need in a scrubber dryer.


Scrubber Dryer

In response to the varied needs of the cleaning industry, Comac has been hard at work developing a high performance walk –behind scrubbing machine. It has been specific ally designed for businesses requiring janitorial equipment with a working width of 50cm.

The all new Antea walk-behind scrubber dryer from Comac is a battery operated, high performance machine. It can be used for both floor maintenance and heavy duty cleaning.

There are multiple versions of the Antea available in order to suit a diverse range of applications, such as: a disc brush version with or without traction (Antea BT and B), a brushing-sweeping version (BTS) and the new orbital version (BTO).

The BTS version is equipped with roller brushes to pick up small debris and transfer it to the hopper, while the BTO focuses on using less energy, water and detergent.

The Comac Antea is standing out from the crowd with innovative choices such as a use of a pressure die-cast, aluminium squeegee mount machine frame and brush to increase impact resistance for sturdiness and reliability over time.


In creating the Antea, Comac focused on making the job of the operator easier from preparation to operation and maintenance.

The machine’s operating panels have never been so simple, with easy to use traction control and one button activation for Eco and CDS functions.


By pressing the Eco button you will activate a work mode that reduces energy consumption and noise levels. The CDS button manages water and detergent delivery independently, so that only the quantities effectively needed are used.

To make the operator’s job even easier, Comac has chosen to identify all elements requiring maintenance at the end of each shift with the colour yellow, to ensure consistent scrubbing and drying performance.


The Antea and its multiple versions are perfectly suited to a large number of cleaning applications.

They are ideal for cleaning floors in various environments such as, hospitality, healthcare, retail, automotive facilities and public buildings. Comac Antea is the ideal choice for cleaning contractors needing machines that are compact in size yet versatile enough to be transported easily and used in different sites, by different operators with varying skillsets: while remaining sturdy and reliable over time.