Comac have re-created the look of the C130 scrubber dryer – it is now more modern with a technological feel about it.

This long standing model has looked tired and dated for some time, however its new design brings this cleaning machine back to life.
It now features a touch-screen display for cleaning functions.
However, it doesn’t just look better it is also more comfortable with ergonomic seat and an improved instrument panel.

The C130 scrubber dryer has also become very user friendly – its functions are now simple yet practical.
You can manually select the job type you wish to carry out, easily transfer between scrubbing and drying – with side brush, scrubbing only or drying only.


Also, having selected a function you can now set a more detailed task via the display. The display gives you 3 options to choose from: Eco, Standard and Plus.
Each setting is suited to specific cleaning conditions, using the required water, detergent and pressure.


Eco: This is the lightest cleaning program it uses less water, detergent and electricity,
It is ideal for maintenance tasks.


Standard: This is a slightly heavier cleaning program; it is best used where there is a moderate degree of debris or where light scrubbing may be required.


Plus: this program is designed to handle more stubborn dirt. It has a more powerful scrubbing action.


These functions have been implemented by Comac to improve cleaning times, reduce waste and save water.
The use of these functions means there is no risk of tampering the incorrect use of the machine. The pre-set scrubbing parameters mean cleaning is safe and consistent and efficient.


The C130 comes complete with a brush head that moves laterally to reach the dirt that settles up against the wall or underneath shelving. Dirt is drawn towards the centre, where it is picked up by the central brushes. Brush pressure can be adjusted to 180kg to remove even the most stubborn dirt particles.


The new C130 promises to deliver even higher performance levels.
In addition, the new design has enabled improvements to maintenance aspects, with solutions that help the operator maintain the machine in the right way so it can guarantee constant performance over time.