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On entry to your business floors can make a great first impression on customers, clients and employees alike.

Is the current status of your floors representative of your business?

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Keeping your hard floors looking clean and shiny can be a difficult task. To keep your floors looking fantastic, it is essential that the right cleaning programme to protect your floors is in place. This will ensure that your floors look clean and shiny for years to come.

There are three key ingredients that each cleaning regime must have to succeed in keeping hard floors– these are as follows:


  1. A Floor Care Schedule – Creating a clear cleaning schedule and activity list is much more cost effective than replacing hard floors. A maintained floor finish protects against substrate to prevent scratches and other damage, whilst keeping floors looking clean and shiny.
  2. A Thick Floor Finish – When it comes to floor finish, there is a lot of information one must process and consider. Failure to select and properly apply a high quality finish is crucial to the status of your floors and your ability to maintain them.  In order to achieve best results it is recommended that no less than 5 coats of finish are applied to the floor, ideally 6 – 8 coats should be applied to fully protect your floor
  3. Quality Cleaning Products – When it comes to hard floor solutions there is a wide variety of products available to choose from.  Unfortunately not all products are equal and therefore it is of utmost importance that you are choosing a commercial grade finish. Discounted products and even some of the lower priced commercial products often ware away faster and require much more up-keep.
  4. Quality Janitorial Equipment – When it comes to cleaning equipment it is important that you invest in at least one high quality item. The quality of replaceable items is not as significant compared to that of longer term investments. That said longer term investments need not break the bank.

It is possible to get high quality janitorial supplies with competitive pricing – like the Contractor range of rotary machines; offering unrivalled value and performance across a range of hard floor cleaning tasks including scrubbing, buffing, spray cleaning and bonnet mopping.  At 230 rpm the Contractor Range provides the flexibility to effectively carry out most hard floor cleaning tasks. Optional tank may be added for scrubbing or bonnet mopping or change to pads to carry out stripping, scrubbing, mark removal and spray cleaning.


For more information on floor maintenance, floor care products or cleaning machines please feel free to contact Chemical Direct – Janitorial Supply. We would be delighted to receive your enquiries.

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Meet the prochem comet carpet cleaning machine. Prochem is known for its exceptional quality high-performance machines that deliver results that are of a professional standard. The comet is certainly no exception to this rule as it is yet another example of the clever engineering and design that is synonymous with prochem. Though this machine is small and compact, the results it provides are exceptional! 


The comet is an upright carpet cleaning machine that is small and compact, which is advantageous as it is easy to transport and does not take up much space. The machine can comfortably be transported in a car, so you can bring this clever cleaning solution with you wherever you go. Weighing in at 18kg the comet is robust and sturdy, yet easy to manoeuvre making it an ideal solution to many carpet cleaning scenarios. As well as the overall compact size of the machine, the addition of a fold-down handle makes it even easier to store neatly when not in use. The comet is suitable for use on virtually all types of carpets, thanks to its compact nature and clever design it can even reach and clean carpet right up to the skirting boards or edges. 

High-Performance Cleaning

Although the prochem comet may be small in size, its cleaning capabilities are not. The comet can remove even the toughest ingrained stains in carpet thanks to the powerful brush fitted on the machine. The comet has a strong two stage by pass vacuum motor that removes the dirt that is released by the brush system. The machine is fitted with a solution and recovery tank that each have a capacity of 11.3 litres. Another smart feature from this prochem machine is the clear dome on top of the machine so you can see when the water is building up and needs to be changed. 

The prochem comet truly is a machine that is out of this world. It is straightforward to operate and highly reliable. This paired with the high-performance output it offers as well as the clever design make it a great choice for your carpet cleaning needs.

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The Comac Ultra  is The Ideal Cleaning Machine for Medium & Large Area Cleaning

The Comac Ultra Scrubber Dryer is a machine of real quality. Like all Comac machines, the Ultra provides outstanding results time and time again. Comac machines are known for their reliability and unwavering quality and the Ultra is no exception. The ride on machine is suitable for a variety of areas so the user can be sure wherever they use the machine, fantastic results will follow.



The Ultra can remove heavy dirt with ease thanks to its powerful output and clever design. The Ultra comes in both the 85 and 100 BS versions. While there are some differences, there are clever features that are found in both models. It is fitted with a device to slow the machine when going around corners, an acoustic alarm when reversing and a clever feature to stop the flow of water when traction has stopped.

The scrubbing head is fitted with two counter-rotating brushes and can move sideways ensuring a thorough clean right up to the edge of walls. It is these clever design features that really set apart the Comac Ultra from the competition and ensure you get brilliant results every time.



The Comac Ultra is simple to operate and has a very straightforward set of controls. This means you do not have to spend as much time training staff as usual with other machines. It takes no time at all to get familiar with the cleverly designed operating interface. As well as the previously mentioned clever features, the Ultra is also fitted with a suction motor that is inside a double wall tank of polythene, this greatly reduces the noisiness of the machine. This means you can work in a non-disruptive manner and gives you the opportunity to work at times you may not have been able to beforehand.

The Comac Ultra is suitable for medium and large sized areas such as industrial and service areas, as well as warehouses. Areas of up to 5,000 sq. m can be tackled with the Ultra in no time. This scrubber dryer’s high performance ensures that it is the best option for medium and large areas.

Comac Ultra – Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

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The Santoemma Serena Silent Carpet Cleaning Machine is Perfect for the Hospitality Industry

For hoteliers and restaurateurs, a good carpet cleaning machine is an essential part of their cleaning equipment. Maintaining clean and presentable carpets is vital in the hospitality industry, which is why it is so important that you find a reliable and powerful carpet cleaning machine. A cleaning machine like this will be used regularly so you need to be sure that it is dependable and not prone to breakdowns.

Carpets in hotels and restaurants are often the first pieces of furniture to show signs of wear and tear. A regular and practical carpet cleaning routine will not only make your carpet look better but will actually make it last longer too. The Santoemma Serena Silent carpet machine is the perfect choice for environments like hotels and restaurants, its quiet running and short drying time means it is ideal in noise sensitive and busy places and can be used during business hours if needed. It is totally undisruptive meaning that your guests will not be bothered by it.

The Santoemma Serena Silent carpet cleaning machine is also extremely powerful and delivers excellent cleaning results and effectively removes difficult stains. Its high-water lift technology allows incomparable dirt removal and a very short drying time of only one hour. It is also an extremely adaptable carpet cleaning machine with many detachable spray nozzles and vacuum heads. The Santoemma Serena Silent also allows you to reach awkward and hard to reach places, allowing you to effectively clean edges and corners.

One of the vacuum heads can even be used to powerfully dry vacuum the carpet before beginning the intensive carpet cleaning. This multipurpose approach saves time for the user and means a more efficient cleaning schedule.  This is a carpet cleaning machine designed with the end user in mind, its adaptability means that you can adjust to your specific needs to ensure a more comfortable and effective clean.

The Santoemma Serena Silent carpet machine really is an ideal solution for the hospitality industry and will keep your carpets looking fresh and new every day.

Carpet Cleaning Machine from Santoemma

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When it comes to purchasing a scrubber dryer, it can be tough knowing where to start and you want a machine that can be relied on for years to come. A scrubber dryer is a significant investment and you want to be sure that you are spending your money wisely. Here are 5 qualities to look out for that will ensure you’re onto a winner.


The very nature of a scrubber dryer means that they should drive increases in productivity. They are designed to clean large commercial areas in short spaces of time. There are many aspects that influence a machine’s productivity, including battery life, water usage and recharge time.


Each commercial and industrial environment is different, so make sure that the scrubber dryer you choose is suitable for the environment it is required in. A large, noisy ride-on scrubber dryer would be unsuitable for a busy supermarket, likewise, a walk-behind will not be of much use in a vast expansive warehouse. Make sure you choose a machine that will work for you, not against you.


A scrubber dryer is an expensive piece of equipment, which is even more reason why you should invest in a brand that is respected in the industry and has a good reputation. You want a reliable and robust machine, not one that breaks down regularly and costs you money in repairs and downtime.


There are many scrubber dryers on the market, but the best ones all have one thing in common- their simplicity. A machine that is user-friendly is more efficient and enjoyable to use. Another bonus of a straightforward machine is that very little staff training will be required to operate it.


It goes without saying that if you have spent money on a scrubber dryer you will expect excellent cleaning results. A great scrubber dryer will deliver excellent cleaning results time after time, ensuring a thorough and even finish on your floors’ surface.


Don’t compromise on your cleaning outcomes and look out for a scrubber dryer that incorporates all of these qualities.

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Big Things Come in Small Packages Meet the Prochem Galaxy, Carpet Machine

It is easy to understand why the Prochem Galaxy is a very popular carpet machine. It combines characteristics from several different types of carpet cleaning machines yet delivers them from the practical and compact size that the Galaxy is known for. The Galaxy is a lightweight and relatively small machine but does not lack in performance with a 120psi pump and a three-stage vacuum ensuring the best possible results are achieved every time without fail.

The Prochem Galaxy machine can be used on carpets and also upholstery which means it has the flexibility to carry out different types of cleaning; it is ideal for spotting, car valeting and of course commercial carpet cleaning. It is not restricted to one specific form of cleaning and is attractive because of its versatility and the robust nature of the clever design. The Galaxy is suited to many different environments such as schools, valeting or personal use.

The Galaxy is a carpet machine that has the ability to provide professional results but can also be used in a non-professional capacity in the home or elsewhere. This is a result of the straightforward, user-friendly design that is easy to get to familiar with in no time at all! For areas where there is a high volume of pedestrian traffic, the Galaxy is useful in keeping the carpets clean intermittently if a full deep clean is not possible at the time.

As with any carpet cleaning operation, debris should be cleared from the area of work beforehand to ensure that the machine can perform to its full capabilities and that the desired results are achieved. The Galaxy is equipped with an 18L solution tank and a 12L recovery tank which means this hardy little machine can tackle a good deal of work before it is necessary to refill and empty the tanks.

Looks can be deceiving and this certainly rings true with the Prochem Galaxy  – a carpet cleaning machine that packs a mighty punch for its size and offers high-quality cleaning results all in a neat, compact package.

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Choosing the ideal cleaning machine for medium and large scale retail outlets can be a real challenge.

Comac has listened to these challenges and responded with the introduction of the new Versa 55 BT and 65 BT.

The Versa walk- behind scrubber dryer is a very productive cleaning machine. It is compact in design and therefore easy to manoeuvre in restricted or obstructed spaces.

In fact the Versa has a number of features that make it ideally suited to retail cleaning.

It has two disc brushes and a working width of either 55 cm or 65 cm.

It has a powerful vacuum motor that leaves the floor perfectly dry and safe to walk on immediately after cleaning. As a result the Versa can be used immediately before your store opens and during business operating hours without interfering with your customer journey. The Versa can be used to maintain hygiene standards throughout the day and during busy shopping times to ensure your customers have a clean and enjoyable shopping experience.

Moreover it reduces the requirement for expensive cleaning schedules conducted outside usual business hours.

In addition to these great features the Versa also includes the following as standard: the all new self-levelling splash guards that adapt automatically to brush wear and keep any splashes of water inside, preventing small solid residues or non-soluble dust particles from getting into the machine.

As an add on the Versa can also be equipped with the all new pressure monitoring system (PM) to control the power dispensed by the brush motors and ensure maximum cleaning results regardless of floor type.


It may also be equipped with the Comac Dosing System (CDS), which offers separate water and detergent management in order to regulate the amount of each needed to optimise cleaning operations even further.

The CDS allows the flow of detergent solution to be temporarily increased to tackle intensely dirty conditions, and then restored to normal levels when regular maintenance cleaning operations resume.


This feature in particular is highly sought after in retail environments such as supermarkets or warehouses where certain locations can become heavily soiled due to heavy traffic and or product spillages.

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The end of a year is always a busy time with multiple deadlines and engagements.

However at year end it is important to take a time- out to review the latest trends, events, innovations that have shaped and will continue to shape the industry.



It is no surprise that in 2015 many of the cleaning industry’s trends and innovations were centred on creating more environmentally friendly products and equipment. Although green cleaning is not a recent phenomenon 2015 has been a year of rejuvenating interest in eco-friendly janitorial products and in particular cleaning machines.

This may be due to the latest efficiency ratings introduced which awards favourable equipment that is green.

This has seen a reduction in the use of harsh chemicals and excess water consumption whilst protecting the environment for the future.


Technology: paves the way for the future.

An increased focus on the environment has put a spotlight on the impact of older generation cleaning machines. This has prompted a while new trend of technological advances. This key trend has sparked a range of brands to introduce technological advances that reduce intensive labour whilst reducing energy usage, chemical and water consumption and creating sustainable cleaning solutions.

The development of increasingly advanced technology has truly produced product-efficiency, water-saving and waste-reduction solutions.  One example of a brand that has notably played host to technological advances and opening up new avenues is Comac, having introduced the “dosing system”. Furthermore this is evident with their plans to introduce a “non-stop cleaning” system. These advances will ensure that cleaning machines are more user friendly and less demanding when it comes to physical labour.


What can we look forward to in 2016?

An increasingly ‘technological’ future is in store for the cleaning industry, particularly within the floor cleaning segment.

As 2016 progresses you can be sure that the term “clean” will be a concept that is associated with technological advances, big data crunching efficiency monitoring with undoubtedly many more exciting innovations and cleaning solutions within the area of janitorial products and equipment.

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The Truvox Multiwash has been named the ideal cleaning solution for Rolls-Royce Edinburgh. After a recent refurbishment of their retail showroom the management found it difficult to keep the new limestone floors clean.


Being a high traffic area the showroom floors would become soiled during the course of the day. The conventional mop and bucket struggled to remove the dirt that gathered in the floors grouting. As a Rolls-Royce showroom management and customers alike, have a very high expectation when it comes to the standard of cleanliness.


The solution? A Truvox Multiwash Scrubber Dryer:


The extra pressure exerted by the Multiwash contra-rotating cylindrical brushes makes it the best solution for the problem of grime in the grouting of tiled floors. The bristles safely but firmly brush floor tiles and grout lines to loosen and remove soils. Because these brushes are so effective, the Multiwash uses approximately 30 percent less water – which in turn means less chemical usage: Making the Multiwash a safe and easy cleaning solution for the environment and the cleaning operative.

Moreover the use of less water means quicker floor drying times, making the machine perfect for busy retail spaces or showrooms.


The Truvox Multiwash comes with a 4 litre solution tank and optional spray pump which allows the operator extra cleaning power in heavily soiled or difficult to clean areas.


The Truvox Multiwash is also one of the smallest and lightest scrubber dryers available on the market. Therefore the machine can be easily maneuvered to go down stairs which are frequently found in retail spaces.

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Once again in 2015, compact made an impact with new projects and the introduction of new products. Most notable is the latest generation of scrubbing machines that have been developed to create an innovative machine that combines a scrubbing machine with a sweeping machine in a single solution.

However it has been a remarkable year all round for Comac let’s do a quick recap:


New selection, sleek new design

Comac has proposed two new walk-behind scrubbing machines: Antea and Versa. Devised with the aim of combining high performances with simple and flexible use, they are the result of a new project and because of this also have a totally new styling.


These two models will respond to the needs of a very important portion in the cleaning market: That is customers who require machines with a working width of between 45 and 65 cm, with solutions that increase reliability and improve the operator’s interaction with the machine.

To achieve this Comac have used a pressure die-cast aluminium frame and squeegee mount that guarantees sturdiness and solidity over time as well as easy handling due to their very lightweight material.

The instrument panels are designed to facilitate machine use, following a simple and therefore intuitive design.

Though these cleaning machines are similar in appearance and in characteristics, they differ in size – the Antea is the smaller of the two and should be used in small or tight spaced working environments, while Versa offers larger working widths.
The Antea can between 45 and 50cm with the option for the 50 cm model of a traction version. The Versa offers versions with 50, 55 and 65 cm working widths, and higher performances and operating ranges than Antea, since all the models are traction versions and have larger tanks, 50 litres for Versa and 35 for Antea.


Is history to repeat itself?
Remaining on the subject of scrubbing machines, but looking towards larger machines Comac has proposed an updated version of a historical model, which since it was launched has always continued to be one of the most popular. Have you guessed which machine we are referring to? That’s right it’s the Comac C130.

This all new design, in addition to the updating of the machine has made it possible to simplify all areas involving the operator, thus making it more comfortable and practical to use.

This beautiful design is enhanced further with touchscreen scrubbing functions meaning the ignition key, emergency button and working program selector around the driving wheel – for a more intuitive use without distractions during use. This new model brings the C130 into line with the latest Comac products created by the company to offer high performance and ease of use.

The future is almost here.

It seems that Comac has big plans for another project where they will set a great score – this model is to combine the performance of a scrubbing machine with that of a sweeping machine. It will be a single solution for large industrial areas developed in both a diesel or a bi-fuel version, offering a long operating range due to two large tanks and a capacious hopper. In this case too, much care has been devoted to the comfort of the operator, with a spacious cab and touchscreen controls. This machine has been prototyped with the CSL120 with a working width of 120 cm, it can sweep and scrub surfaces of over 10,000 sq.m. in just one phase.

In the creation of this new machine – Comac’s concern for the environment are evident from the new eco-proposal to reduce water consumption. It  proposes a water recycling system for its scrubbing machines to reduce consumption, optimising use. This system has been cleverly named “non-stop cleaning”. It comprises of three phases: in the first, the water is used normally and collected by vacuuming; in the second phase, the water is filtered and purified by the third stage. The water is therefore available for use again, completing the cycle.


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